Plain Old Builds with OneDev Shell Executor


While it is the trend to run CI/CD jobs inside container for isolation and reproducibility, some builds must run outside container, such as iOS builds. To support these “plain old” builds, introduces two shell job executors:

  1. The server shell executor executes…


From day 1, is able to run CI/CD jobs as pods on Kubernetes clusters. In case you do not have a Kubernetes cluster, it is now possible to install OneDev agents on other machines to get a CI/CD farm. …


is a performant open source git server, with customizable issue workflow and built-in CI/CD.

Version 4.9 comes with the service desk feature, which allows your customers to submit tickets via email without the need to have a OneDev account. These tickets can then be created in desired projects, and…

Maintaining CI/CD configuration for many projects can be complex and challenging. To reduce the overhead, adds the mechanism to define common CI/CD building blocks in separate projects and use/customize them in other projects.

CI/CD configuration is maintained in OneDev via build spec. When define build spec for a…

Live Preview your App in OneDev Pull Request

is a self-hosted DevOps platform with issue tracking, git repository management and built-in CI/CD capabilities. In the latest 4.2.1 …

Annotate source with Jest/ESLint information in OneDev

is an open source self-hosted DevOps platform, with ability to manage your git repositories, as well as running CI/CD jobs in docker containers.

The recent version can leverage your projects’s Jest/ESLint integration to:

  1. Generate report with ability to search/order by relevant metrics

is an open source GitLab-like devops platform emphasizing easy-of-use. is a popular javascript testing framework. This tutorial explains how to set up OneDev to publish Jest test report in a CI process.

Run OneDev

Run below command in your terminal on Linux/Mac to start OneDev (this command is for demonstration…


GitOps is a DevOps approach to maintain Kubernetes-based infrastructure as code in git, and operate it with git tools such as push, revert, pull request.

OneDev () is an open source git repository server, with built-in CI/CD integration.

This tutorial explains how to set up OneDev to do GitOps in…

OneDev is an open source all-in-one devops platform with the ability to manage git repositories, manage issues, and run continuous integrations. The project is hosted at .

  1. Run below command on Linux/Mac to start OneDev in docker mode (this command is for demonstration purpose, follow for daily use):

OneDev: Self-Hosted All-in-One DevOps Platform

Would like to introduce OneDev, an open source DevOps platform featuring git repository management with code intelligence, issue management with customizable workflow, and a continuous integration engine with first-class support for Docker and Kubernetes.

It is super easy to install and manage. More info, please check

Robin Shen

DevOps enthusiast. OneDev maintainer.

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